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GuruSparsh » 4th Quarter (2012) statistics of GuruSparsh Students Safety Programme
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4th Quarter (2012) statistics of GuruSparsh Students Safety Programme

June 22, 2013

The following statistics were taken from 50 schools registered in GuruSparsh SSP. Criteria of selecting the schools were

● Schools using GuruSparsh SSP for at least last 3 quarters.
● Schools having strength of at least 1000 students.

Note: In GuruSparsh SSP SMS and email are send through 3 modules.

Notification: any messages from school to parents. Messages can be sent to groups, individual classes or to all school
Attendance: only absent messages is sent.
Examination: sending examination results of each subject in one message

SMS Sent 2,98,556
Email Sent 1, 04,232
Messages with Urgent Tags 10,325

Percentage of Schools using modules


percentage mod  used by schools


Any modules are considered “using” by schools only if they are using the modules at least once a week.


Percentage of SMS sent from modules


Comparison of Notifications sent in 4th and 3rd quarters



Unit: 1: 100000

1.94% increase in notification SMS.

Comparison of Attendance sent in 4th and 3rd quarters



Unit: 1: 100000

1% decrease in attendance SMS.

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